Dronomy was founded by two physicists who were enthusiastic to make drones fly autonomously. The company had quickly identified the gap in the ability of construction companies to frequently and accurately monitor their construction sites. The company is now powered by a team with expertise in construction, drones, computer vision, software and 3D modeling, focusing their vast know-how and experience into this challenge.

Smart, Safe and Compliant

With its stack of technologies, Dronomy transforms off-the-shelf consumer drones into powerful construction equipment, delivering the most precise and comprehensive construction site data. Dronomy uses real time obstacle sensors and modern drone latest technology to ensure safe and stress-free flight in construction sites. Flight path can be designed to constantly ensure visual line-of-sight, as may be required by regulation (FAA Part 107).

Accurate and Objective

With Dronomy Planner plan and control application, the drone positions itself accurately in space, delivering extremely high-precision, objective data which is consistent between flights and easy to compare. This is critical for accurate 3D mapping and frequent progress monitoring.

On-Site and Remote

Whether on-site or at a remote office location, all captured data and processed models are readily available on the Dronomy Cloud. Having your most up-to-date data on your tablet while walking the site, making an in-depth analysis of day’s progress or preparing reports and cool videos, the Dronomy Viewer has it all. The accurate 3D and 2D models of your site can be viewed, annotated, shared, analyzed, compared, and archived with context.


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