Dronomy on ENR


Dronomy on ENR

 Israeli Construction Firm Looks To Cultivate New Technologies

Another company, Dronomy, has adapted drones to enable construction companies to monitor construction sites in real time. “We identified a real need in the construction industry that could be met with the use of drones that deliver data that is critical for accurate 3D mapping and frequent progress monitoring,” said Ori Aphek, founder and CEO of Dronomy. He claims that, unlike others in the emerging field, Dronomy’s technology allows for continuous monitoring as construction proceeds. The company has been testing its drone technology for the past nine months at Shikun & Binui building sites.  Looking to take its technology abroad, Dronomy is focusing on U.S. markets, where the company estimates a potential $1 billion annually. It plans to focus its efforts in Colorado, California and Texas, where weather conditions are somewhat similar to Israel’s.

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