Our Story

Dronomy was founded by two physicists who were enthusiastic to make drones fly autonomously. The company has quickly identified the gap in the ability of construction companies to frequently and accurately monitor their construction sites.

The construction market is estimated by the World Economic Forum at almost $10 trillion, while drone-based solutions for the construction market are estimated by Goldman Sachs to accumulate to over $11 billion in the next five years. Construction companies, developers and sub-contractors are starting to realize the benefits of using unique technological solutions as part of their business processes to reduce ever-occurring project delays, cost overruns and disputes, which can account for tens of percents of a project’s overall costs.

Dronomy captures unique and frequent project data using autonomous drones, and analyzes it into actionable information that is shared over the cloud to all relevant project stakeholders.

What We Do

Dronomy is focused on building knowledge into construction projects through analysis of data collected by situation-aware drones. Our drone-based solution helps construction companies to enhance their site management and project control by building insights into their projects.

With Dronomy, mapping, monitoring, inspecting and sharing site details becomes part of the daily site routine. Construction companies can build knowledge into their projects and execute site monitoring missions so easily and safely that it becomes a daily routine, reducing costs and project delays.

Dronomy is powered by a highly experienced and enthusiastic team with expertise in construction, drones, computer vision, software and 3D modeling, and is backed by top-notch VCs and private investors.



Ori Aphek Dronomy

Ori Aphek

Guy Raz Dronomy

Dr. Guy Raz


Gil Mildworth

VP Business Development

Yoav Wolfson

Roee Kremer Dronomy

Roee Kremer

Kobi Gabai

Kobi Gabai


Zvika Palkovich

Software, Algorithms


Oryzn Capital Dronomy
Battery Ventures Dronomy

Oryzn Capital Dronomy
Battery Ventures Dronomy
Lool Ventures Dronomy

Private Investors

Toivo Annus Dronomy

Toivo Annus

Saul Klein Dronomy

Saul Klein

Josh Silverman Dronomy

Josh Silverman

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