With its stack of technologies, Dronomy transforms off-the-shelf consumer drones into powerful construction equipment, delivering the most precise and comprehensive construction site data. Every angle of your project is covered with precise digital 3D/2D models of your current project status, accessible anywhere

Collect Data Anywhere

Need to capture data between buildings? Near cranes or around wires? Our technology ensures safe and stress-free flight in construction sites.

On-Site or Remote

On-the-go or at the office, all captured data and models are readily available on the Dronomy Cloud.

Document with Context

Site documentation, archiving and inspection become a no-brainer, as your original imagery is put in context by the 3D model.

Share and Communicate

3D and 2D models of your site can be viewed, annotated, and shared with co-workers and project stakeholders.

Safe and Compliant

Designed to ensure visual line-of-sight at all times, as may be required by regulation (FAA Part 107).

Unmatched Precision

Centimeter-level data resolution made possible by flying autonomously lower and closer to the structure’s surface.

End-to-end Solution – from Planning to Data Processing

Plan, Fly and Capture

Planning is as easy as tapping the structure contour. The optimal flight path is automatically generated, and drone flies autonomously, precisely capturing high resolution images of your site.

Upload and Process

Images uploaded to the Dronomy Cloud for processing, resulting in high accuracy 2D/3D models of the job site – all can be geo-referenced.

View, Analyze and Collaborate

Dronomy Viewer lets users on-site or at remote locations view their site, monitor progress over time, inspect issues, conduct exact measurements, collaborate and share their views with their teams and sub-contractors.

Who We Are

We are computer vision experts, elite military unit veterans and drone geeks. We are led by seasoned founders and backed by high-profile investors. We believe that anyone who wants to use a drone should be able to do it, not only those who are ready fly one.

"Full-scale digitalization in nonresidential construction would, within 10 years, be capable of producing annual global cost savings of $0.7-1.2 trillion (13-21%) on E&C and $0.3-0.5 trillion (10-17%) in the operations phase"

The Boston Consulting Group - Digital in Engineering and Construction

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